Our firm does not charge for the initial interview in any matter.  We believe that the first interview is your opportunity to decide if we are the right firm to represent your interests, and it is our time to discuss the cost of representation and to determine if we are able to assist you in your matter.

The vast majority of consumer bankruptcy matters are routine in nature our fees for those matters are as follows:

Base Bankruptcy Fee      $750.00
Court Filing Fee                  335.00 
Credit Counseling                25.00               
Debtor Education                25.00
Credit Bureau Report        _50.00

Toal cost:                        $1,185.00

The items marked in red represent direct costs payable to third parties and are not fees of this firm.

Chapter 13 matters require an additional fee of $350.00 for the preparation of the Chapter 13 Plan to repay debt.

These fees include up to twenty (20) creditors, if there are more than twenty (20) we would charge an additional fee of $250.00 for each additional 20 creditors (or part thereof).

If you matter requires "rush attention", in the case of an imminent foreclosure matter, we would charge an additional fee of $250.00.  This is necessary because many times we will file multiple cases at one time and as a result would have hearings in all cases set for the same date and time.  A rush case does not allow us to coordinate matters and most times will require travel and appearance simply for the one "rush" matter.

Fees in Chapter 11 matters are quoted on a per case basis, depending on the complexity of the matter.

The fees stated above do not include adversary and contested matters that are related to our bankruptcy case.  While it is not exceedingly rare that these matters are filed in connection with a bankruptcy matter, they are not found i the majority of the cases we handle.